ExaGrid offers you a unique backup and storage appliance, combining the performance of low-cost primary storage disk on the front-end with the cost-efficiency of a deduplicated data repository on the back-end. With the latest backup always available in an undeduplicated Veeam format, ExaGrid allows you to fully leverage the capabilities of Veeam`s Availability Suite.

  • Fastest Backups: no inline deduplication bottlenecks
  • Fastest Restores: no data rehydration required
  • Cost-efficient LTR: industry-leading dedup ratios, adaptive deduplication

ExaGrid`s retention-tier is non-network-facing and stores deduplicated data as immutable objects. Delete requests can be delayed with ExaGrid`s Retention Time-Lock for up to 30 days. This ensures that in case of a ransomware attack, data can be easily recovered.

Due to its unique architecture, ExaGrid supports a scale-out growth model. Backup performance is not impeded by data growth. The length of the backup-window remains constant.